Sadiq khan jokes about jeremy hunt's 'Arsehole'

A video interview I did for 'Time Out' where I walked around Tooting Market with the Mayor of London. Not seen on this clip: my repeated badgering for him to tell me a joke after he'd earlier claimed that he was 'very good at jokes'. The resultant gag about Hunt went viral, being shared over 4 million times on Facebook. Very glad I pestered him for it (even if I don't believe that he wrote it himself…)

NME song stories with Wiley

Video interview with grime godfather Wiley on why he made 'Wearing My Rolex' - as part of the NME 'Song Stories' strand where musicians explain the making of some of their most famous tracks.

Boy vs Food: London competitive eating challenges

Whilst Googling for London competitive eaters to interview, I realised there was no single, recognisable London competitive eating champ. So I set myself a ten-week, 'food marathon' of competitive eating challenges consisting of 26,000 calories (instead of a normal marathon's 26 miles of running. These are a few of the videos I did for 'Time Out'.

Oh, and if you're wondering how that attempt to be crowned London's best competitive eater went, see what Google has to say about it. (Or read the article)