I've been shortlisted as Best Writer at the PPA Awards! / by Alexi Duggins

I'm not 100% sure who actually reads these blog pieces, so I don't know if you'll have a clue what the PPA Awards are or not. However, they are, according to 'The Celeb Diaries' – the autobiography of ex-Heat (and, later on, Time Out) editor Mark Frith – 'The Oscars of the magazine industry'. Admittedly, he was probably saying that to make working in magazines sound slightly more exciting than it actually is, but it sounds good, so I'm sticking with it, ok?

Anyway, to my utter joy and astonishment, I have made the shortlist for Best Writer (fifth category down). Aside from being pretty much the most exciting thing to have ever happened to me (which it very definitely is), it will forever more mean that I'm able to say to people 'I'll have you know that in 2015 I was one of the 12 best magazine writers in Britain!'. Which, you have to admit, has a hell of a ring to it.