'Dyl communication' is not a good title for a Dizzee Rascal interview / by Alexi Duggins

Ok, ok: you are probably unsurprised by the revelation contained in the title of this post. But let me tell you, when I did the NME's exclusive cover feature with Dizzee Rascal – which was the first interview he'd given to any journalist ahead of his latest album – I was pretty damned excited to have come up with it. Although, admittedly, it only really works if you:

a) Have a pretty good knowledge of Beastie Boys album titles
b) Have a good enough knowledge of grime to know that Dizzee is sometimes referred to as "Dyl" by people who name him well enough to use a shortened form of his first name (Dylan).

So maybe that's just me, then.

Anyway, you can read the whole NME cover interview with Jeremy Paxman's favourite grimer here - alongside the headline that they went with in the end.