I was on the Discovery Channel. In Canada. by Alexi Duggins

Yep, turns out I'm a pretty big deal. Amongst Canadain people who are interested in nature, that is. Because the below video I did for 'Time Out', in which I exclusively broke the news that you can play 'Snake' on your mobile phone on the fountains in Granary Square, King's Cross has, according to a call Time Out got from a Discovery Channel researcher, now been screened on the Discovery Channel in Canada. Which makes no sense whatsoever for a channel supposedly based around nature, unless they ran it under the heading, 'Spiky-haired monkey in London figures out how to use mobile phone!'

It's just one of the follow-up pieces other places have done on my video, including 'Metro', 'The Standard', and 'The Mirror'. Hell, 'Wired' even named it one of their '10 must-read articles' from March.

It's almost as big as the time I went round hammering tube seats to see how dusty they were.