I deep fat fried an entire Easter roast and ate sushi off a man by Alexi Duggins

Photo: Graeme Robertson for The Guardian

Photo: Graeme Robertson for The Guardian

Yes, yes. The photo screams 'chip shop nightmare'. It is, however, the entire Easter Sunday roast that I had deep fat fried for me by Miss Cakehead and Jim Thomlinson, aka Fry Hard, for a two-page spread in yesterday's G2 section of The Guardian. Full feature available here.

Oh, and obviously, it's not healthy to go around only eating deep-fried food. So I also ate some sushi. Off a naked man. The below one, in fact. If you'd like to read about it – it was for The Telegraph, not some sort of fetish for naked dudes with troubling aromas – you can find the piece here.

*Heads off to eat the most normal plate-based meal he can find*

Photo: Jeff Gilbery for The Telegraph

Photo: Jeff Gilbery for The Telegraph

Jamie Oliver is EXACTLY as nice as you think he'll be by Alexi Duggins

For a 'Time Out' food issue in April, I interviewed Jamie Oliver a couple of weeks ago. Unsurprisingly enough, he's every single bit as lovely as you'd imagine. Polite. Interested in people. Remembers details about their lives. And so ludicrously busy that we had to start at 7.30am for him to find the time. And even then, members of staff were rushing in with dishes for him to taste. The full piece will be out in a few weeks, but until then, here's a picture of 'Time Out' photo editor Jael, posing with Jamie.

I played a drinking game with Caitlin Moran by Alexi Duggins

I love Caitlin Moran as both a human and a writer. So, when her PR suggested doing another interview with her, my tummy was all aflutter with excitement. Until, that is, they also told me she'd like to revisit our previous boozy debacle. At which point, it was mainly fluttering with thoughts about the booze-induced nausea that lay in the future. It was, if you like, Naustradamus.

However, it turned out that my editor loved the idea. Also, a Twitter conversation quickly made me realise that if I didn't go ahead with it, I'd be a massive wussbag.

But this time I decided to keep it a bit safer. So I set up a drinking game: ten quotes which Ms Moran may or may not have written. Ten shots of booze. Ten guesses. One hour. If she got a question right, I drank. If she got it wrong, she drank. The result? I got very pissed in the company of one of the most phenomenal people I've ever met. Oh, and we took loads of sozzled selfies. The full report's out in Time Out in a couple of weeks, but for now, a few of our pics are below. NB the eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that there is blood coming from Ms Moran's arm. The only explanation either of us have? BOOZE.


I met Alfie Allen and definitely shouldn't have asked about Lily… by Alexi Duggins

I spent a whole Friday a couple of weeks ago hanging out with Alfie Allen, aka Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones for an interview in this issue of 'Time Out'. Lovely guy, he was. Except for when I asked him about Lily Allen. At which point he started glaring at me so hard I thought he was going to teach me a lesson by angrily firing his eyeballs into my face.